Compliance with standards

This website has been designed and developed following the WAI guidelines (Web Accessibility Initiative,, which are the international standards for creating accessible content.

Accessibility standards

The following steps have been taken to make the website more accessible:
  • Logical order of the presentation of the screen elements.
  • Simplified navigation system, not dropdown menus.
  • Descriptive text for the images (alt tag).
  • Access keys for the primary options.

Access Keys

Shortcuts have been defined for a quick access to the different sections of the web portal visualized as a tooltip, corresponding to each section defined in the table bellow.

The activation of the shortcuts depends on what browser is used. With IE 5 and superior, combining the keys "alt" + number or letter + "intro". With Safari, Firefox or Netscape 5 and superior: combining "ctrl + number or letter.

  • 1 - home
  • 2 - Solicitors
  • 3 - Areas
  • 4 - Contact
  • a - Accessibility
  • L - Legal information

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  • Valid CSS2